can I visit or volunteer at the farm?

YES!! We consider education and volunteer opportunities part of our mission here at the farm. If you would like volunteer, sign up here, during the school year, or email us during the summer at . Visitor hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm . To set up an organized visit for a class, organization, or community group, please email

Can I buy produce grown on the farm?

Again YES!!! We sell our produces from 11:00am-5:00pm each Thursday from May through October, on the Quad side of the Student Union.  If you want weekly reminders, lists of available produce, recipes and other farm information, sign up for our newsletter!

Can I get free produce for volunteering?

If you come on a harvest day, culled produce (not marketable quality, but totally usable and delicious) will be available to take home.  If you are interested in produce when you come, feel free to ask us, we can see what might be available.

What Makes the Farm Sustainable?

Our farm does many things to be as kind to our planet as it can. We have solar panels to supply energy to much of the farm (including our electric tractor!)  We work extensively with cover cropping our fields and have been building up our soil organic matter over time. We grow a large variety of crops which allows us to rotate our crops seasonally for soil health and as part of our integrated pest management system. Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a personalized combination of management methods that work in concert to minimize the chemicals that get applied to our field while also allowing us to bring a healthy, happy crop to market and the dining halls. 

Where is the farm?

South of the intersection of Lincoln Ave and Windsor Rd. on the gravel road. There is a purple sign on the left and gate to your left. Here's a map.

Is the farm an organic farm?

The farm is not a USDA Certified Organic farm; however, we grow our vegetables using USDA Organic practices.

This means we:

  • use only cover crop and organic inputs to improve field fertility

  • spray minimally using only sprays allowed in Organic production

  • till minimally to reduce damage to the soil

We are certified instead through the USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program, which ensures that our farm is safe and sanitary.