Matt Turino

Matt started at the SSF in January of 2013 as the assistant manager, and took over management of the farm in the spring of 2015.  Matt is a native of Urbana, and got started in agriculture at a student farm at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina.  After finishing his degree Matt decided he wanted to come back home to C-U and had a diverse set of jobs before coming on at the SSF including working at a local farm in the area, working as a carpenter, and as a full time musician.

Stefan Johnsrud

Stefan is the assistant manager at the farm.  He comes from a background in plant sciences and organic farming, receiving an MS in Plant Biology from the University of Illinois and working four seasons on Organic vegetable farms in Illinois and Wisconsin. Stefan is preparing to start a farm with his significant other in the near future.



Farm record cucumber: 37 inches!

Farm record cucumber: 37 inches!


SIMON Pokorny

Simon is a student farmer here at the SSF.  He started his journey here in May of 2017.  Currently Simon is working towards his bachelor in Landscape Architecture.  Sustainability and urbanism are both of great interest to him, so the SSF is a great place to work!

Paul Tisch

Paul has been working at the SSF since May 2017.  He is studing Music Technology and Atomospheric Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and hopes to graduate in 2019.



Alex Lee

Alex started working at the farm in Spring 2017.  He is in his third year studying Computer Engineering and pursuing a minor in Horticulture.  He is motivated to see how advancing technology can be integrated with agriculture to promote a more sustainable and secure food system.