This page is to serve as a resource to growers, consumers, and student workers at the SSF and includes links to outside material as well as some of our own work. Expect more here as time goes on!

For Farmers/Gardeners

Tomato Fruit Problems - the Missouri Botanical provides a helpful visual guide to the myriad of problems afflicting tomato plants

Josh Volk: Photos – Farmer Josh Volk provides great photos and descriptions of commonly used and innovative farm tools. A great visual overview.

Regenerative Farming Practices – Roxbury Farm, a biodynamic CSA farm in New York’s Hudson Valley reveals a ton of details about their farming practices.

Farmhack – This one’s for the mechanically minded out there. Farmers post their plans for DIY contraptions that solve all sorts of farm problems. From mechanical garlic peelers to CAD models for custom Jang rollers, there’s a lot there.

Jean-Martin Fortier – Farmer in Quebec who has become very famous for producing a six-figure income on an acre and a half of land. His book "The Market Gardener" is a great practical reference for all hand-scale farmers

Curtis Stone – Urban farmer in British Columbia who has figured out how to generate $75,000 a year on 1/3 of an acre. He has a nice gear list and a book that’s worth checking out.

Small-Scale Postharvest Handling Practices: A Manual for Horticultural Crops - Lisa Kitinoja and Adel A. Kade by way of UC Davis  bring us a very comprehensive manual covering practices and details about caring for crops after harvest. Quirky pictures too!

Nutrient Deficiencies - Grow Abundant Gardens provides a showcase of nutrient deficiency symptoms in a wide variety of plants.

Local Farms

For-profit Farms

Blue Moon Farm (Urbana, IL)

Brackett Farm (Champaign, IL)

Green Island Gardens (Urbana, IL)

Moore Family Farm (Watseka, IL)

PrairieErth Farm (Atlanta, IL)

Prairie Fruits Farm (Champagn, IL)

Triple S Farms (Stewardson, IL)

Non-profit Farms

Prosperity Gardens (Champaign, IL)

Sola Gratia Farm (Urbana, IL)


For SSF Employees

Transplant Production How-to

Direct Seeding How-to

Farm Stand Protocol

Tomato Grading

Wash Pack protocol